Zipline Omiš


Adrenaline Zipline polygon is located in the canyon of the river Cetina. It consists of eight (8)
steel wires across which the guests go down in a harness.
The total length of all wires is 2100 m.
The longest wire is 700 m long and it is situated 150m above the ground.
A group of 10 guests pass the polygon, accompanied by two guides, within 3 hours.
It involves a short walk, training on polygon, getting to know the Zipline, and going down all of
the wires.

 Gathering before the departure at the office in Omiš - signing statements.
 Transport by our vehicle 3 kilometers along the river Cetina towards Podašpilje, to the
starting point of the tour, that is on a curve near the medieval fortress Visećgrad.
 Getting personal equipment, walking (2 min) to the point where there is a short training
 Training and getting to know the Zipline (20 min)
 Walking along a marked route (7 min) to the start point of ZIPline (to the first wire).
 Lowering the group in a way that on each wire first goes one guide, then the guests go one
by one and the second guide goes last.
 When you pass a total of 8 wires, you walk 2 min to the parking lot.
 Getting into the van that will take you back to our office in Omiš.

Price: 400,00 HRK, VAT includeed in the price
Price – PRIVATE GROUP: 600,00 HRK, VAT includeed in the price
One group consists of 2 -12 guests, accompanied by two qualified guides.
Minimum age is 6 years
Maximum weight fee is 140 kg.
It is recommended to wear appropriate footwear for walking in nature and to bring water (1
Each guest before departure signes "RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY STATEMENT
for the activity Zipline – steel rope gliding"
For ages 6-18 years parents must sign "PARENT’S CONSENT to the participation of minors in
the Zipline activity”
Considering the child's age, the guide will decide whether they should go for the steel rope in his
entourage (tandem).
In one group can only be one child in tandem with a guide.


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