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Croatia is a Central European and Adriatic country in the heart of Europe

Half of the country's territory is located in the Pannonian region, third in the Adriatic area, and the rest is mountain / dinar space. Mediterranean colors and gold colors of Pannonia form a harmonious unity. Croatia is called Country of a thousand islands and has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and dry summers along the coast. The inland climate is Continental with colder winters. Croatia is one of the best preserved ecological areas in Europe with 43oo plant species and the same number of the animal species. Croatia is rich in its natural beauty and on its territory there is 8 protected national parks and 11 parks of nature protected as well. One of the most famous national parks are Plitvice lakes which are on the list of most beautiful places in the world. This small country has six cultural-historical and natural beauty on UNESCO's World Heritage List: Diocletian's Palace in Split, Eufrazijeva basilica in Poreč, Plitvice lakes, Romanesque town of Trogir, Dubrovnik Old Town and Cathedral in Šibenik. Croatia is situated on a very indented coast of the Adriatic sea. It was declared a as a second cleanest sea in Europe according to the European Environmental Agency in the year 2010. That sea with its surreal beauty has always attracted many world sailors and travelers. The Adriatic coast has 1250 islands, islets and reefs. This sea hides a lot of underwater caves and archaeological sites. The beautiful beaches are the main attraction for tourists who intend to come here.